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Food & Beverage Manager

For one of the high-rise hotels, we are currently looking for an enthusiastic Food & Beverage Manager who is ready to pull up his sleaved and who has good organizational, management, and communication skills. You are aware of the latest HACCP rules and realize the importance of quality and food safety. Customer service is a matter of course for you and you know how to motivate a team. In addition, you have a keen eye for cost control and administration.

As a Food & Beverage Manager, you are responsible for all five hotel restaurants and bars.

Main job duties, duties and responsibilities

  • Set operational goals and objectives

  • Assess staffing needs and recruit staff when needed

  • Train and coach the staff

  • Preparing and implementing standard operating procedures

  • Manage staff performance in accordance with established standards and procedures

  • Ensure staff know and adhere to established codes of practice

  • Organize and monitor staff schedules

  • Track employee data

  • Coordinating restaurant activities

  • Verify compliance with health, safety and hygiene standards in kitchen and restaurant

  • Keep a record of health and safety practices

  • Ensure compliance with restaurant safety procedures

  • Ensure that alcohol regulations are observed

  • Communicate with customers

  • Advising customers on food and drink choices

  • Supervising the preparation of food and beverage items

  • Make sure you stick to the set recipes

  • Ensure quality of food and drink presentation

  • Pay attention to portion size and preparation quantities to minimize waste

  • Communicate with customers to ensure all questions and complaints are handled promptly

  • Plan and coordinate menus

  • Analyze food and drink costs and assign menu prices

  • Total restaurant receipts and in line with sales

  • Ensure cash management procedures are followed accurately

  • Set and monitor budgets

  • Analyze budget variances and take corrective actions

  • Set up and implement financial controls

  • Implement and monitor cost-saving measures

  • Plan and monitor restaurant sales and revenue

  • Organizing and supervising marketing and promotional activities

  • Track business data

  • Prepare and analyze management reports

  • Determining and executing operational improvements

  • Check and order stocks of non-food items

  • Identify and estimate food and beverage supply requirements and place orders with suppliers

  • Negotiate purchase prices and develop preferred suppliers

  • Schedule food and drink deliveries

  • Check the quality of deliveries and documentation

  • Ensure proper storage of supplies

  • Provide maintenance and repair of equipment and services

  • Identify and evaluate competitors

  • Stay on top of trends in the restaurant industry

Key skills and competences

  • Fast and solid decision making

  • Judgment

  • Problem analysis and problem-solving

  • Planning and organizing

  • Resource Management

  • Communication

  • Customer service focused

  • Quality Orientation

  • Teamwork

  • Adaptability

  • Flexibility

  • High energy level

  • Stress tolerance

Knowledge and experience

  • Tertiary qualification is preferred

  • Previous experience in food and beverage management

  • Thorough working knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Thorough practical knowledge of food preparation and presentation

  • Experience with human resources management and development

  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices

  • Experience in analyzing financial data

  • Knowledge of planning and forecasting

  • Track record of inventory management and cost control

  • Knowledge of administrative procedures

  • Able to use relevant computer applications

In short: we offer you the perfect next step in your career!

Interested? Apply today!


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