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Front Desk Agent

Title: Front Desk Agent Full time

We are actively seeking a qualified Front Desk Agent to join our esteemed client's hotel team. As a dedicated recruiter representing our client, we are excited to find an individual who can embody the values of exceptional customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail that our client's hotel is known for.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Guest Services:

- Greet and welcome guests with a warm and friendly attitude as they arrive at the hotel.

- Assist guests with check-in and check-out procedures efficiently and accurately.

- Provide information about hotel amenities, room types, rates, and local attractions.

- Address guest inquiries, requests, and concerns promptly and professionally.

2. Reservation Management:

- Manage room reservations and bookings, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

- Process reservation changes and cancellations as needed.

- Verify guest information and payment details to confirm reservations.

3. Communication:

- Answer phone calls, emails, and in-person inquiries courteously and informatively.

- Relay messages and requests to the appropriate hotel departments.

- Handle guest complaints and issues diplomatically, escalating them when necessary.

4. Payment Handling:

- Collect payments for room charges, deposits, and incidental expenses.

- Ensure accurate billing and provide guests with receipts.

- Balance cash drawer and perform end-of-shift accounting tasks.

5. Record-keeping:

- Maintain accurate and organized guest records, registration cards, and reservation details.

- Update and input guest information into the hotel's computer system.

- Generate reports as needed for management and accounting purposes.

6. Safety and Security:

- Ensure the safety and security of guests by following hotel procedures and protocols.

- Handle emergencies, such as fire alarms or medical incidents, according to established procedures.

7. Upselling and Promotion:

- Promote hotel amenities and services to guests to enhance their stay.

- Offer upgrades, special packages, and loyalty program benefits when appropriate.

8. Teamwork:

- Collaborate with other hotel departments, including housekeeping and maintenance, to meet guest needs and maintain a high standard of service.

- Assist with administrative tasks as assigned by the Front Office Manager or Supervisor.


- High school diploma or equivalent required; hospitality-related education is a plus.

- Previous experience in a customer service or front desk role is preferred.

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

- Proficiency in using hotel reservation and property management systems (PMS).

- Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.

- Attention to detail and accuracy in handling guest information and payments.

- Problem-solving skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

- Flexibility to work shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

- Professional appearance and demeanor.

- Knowledge of local attractions and services is an advantage.

As a Front Desk Agent, you will play a pivotal role in creating a positive and memorable experience for guests. Your welcoming attitude, efficient service, and attention to detail will contribute to the hotel's reputation for outstanding hospitality.

How to apply? Submit your online application here.


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